FAQ - Stone and Tiles Flooring

1. How can I best provide protection for my unglazed floor tiles.

Use a special floor care product with an impregnating effect, such as emsol Stone & Tiles. Undiluted application gives your tiles basic protection, preventing it from soaking up moisture and from forming stains, though without changing the visual impact. Regular use of diluted product in the cleaning water freshens up the impregnating effect whenever it is applied.

2. I have porcelain tiles which are rather dull now, and I’d like to give them a good shine.

Gloss-producing floor care products are not suitable for porcelain stoneware. The layer of gloss does not form a proper bond with the tiles. This is due to their special surface structure.

For regular care and cleaning we recommend to use emsol Stone & Tiles.

3. I’ve got a dark high-gloss granite or granite-like floor which I want to impregnate. What should I do?

Use emsol Stone & Tile, but make sure it’s diluted in water. Wipe the floor with a microfibre cloth and immediately follow this up with a good rub, using a dry cloth.

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